We believe that every individual is different and requires a personalized approach to achieving his or her goals. We do not believe in the "no pain, no gain" mentality or in the "one size fits all" approach. We will help you succeed by developing a personalized program that's motivating and enjoyable.

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At Wergo Personal Training we are dedicated to helping you accomplish all your fitness goals no matter how big or small. Our programs are tailored to your specific fitness level and personal style.
Personal Training
One-on-one personal training can be performed in our fitness studio in Irondequoit, NY or in the convenience of your own home. We will design a personalized program and support you while you work on achieving your fitness goals. We will give you the knowledge and motivation needed to perform exercises successfully on your own. You will get RESULTS!
Fitness Profile
A fitness profile is an important and effective tool in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The profile establishes a baseline of current fitness level, helps you to establish goals, and provides you with motivation. It consists of body fat percentage and measurements, comprehensive fitness assessments (strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, & balance), postural assessment, nutrition assessment, and basic ergonomic assessment.
Fitness Classes
The total body conditioning class is set up in a circuit style format that will get you optimal results. We use a variety of equipment. The class is limited to 6 people so you get the personalized attention that you need. Class is for 3-month period paid-in advance. Sessions: Jan-Mar., Apr.-Jun., Jul.-Sept, and Oct.-Dec

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