What Our Clients Say

Cheryl E.

The decision to train with Chris was the one of the best ones I have ever made. I can honestly say that training with Chris Is never boring…he constantly changes things up. Whether it is a change in music or the introduction of a new exercise, he makes sure you are challenged at each and every session yet working at a level that is comfortable for you. I look forward to my training sessions! Chris has made exercise fun for me again. He is encouraging, knowledgeable and patient. Make no mistake, you will be pushed to your limits but Chris does so in a way that is not threatening or intimidating. In the time that I have trained with him, I feel great, lost weight, gained strength, balance and have improved my cardiovascular health. I will continue to exercise the rest of my life using the techniques that I have been taught by Chris. I would recommend Chris and Wergo, Inc. to anyone that is interested in starting a fitness regimen… you won’t be sorry.

Barbara C.

Needing to start taking care of myself, I took the plunge and put my faith in Chris to start me on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. Very quickly he was able to determine the areas of weakness that needed to be worked on. After only two months many of those areas have already been drastically strengthened. He wants me to succeed at least as much as I do. I love going to the sessions. He is funny, laughs at my jokes and really cares about my successes. He is awesome!

Ellen B.

Chris has helped me to improve my endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, and mobility. After foot surgery and again after breaking the other foot, he helped me with rehab far more than my podiatrist did. He is always encouraging and positive and has given me specific exercises to work through a chronic lower back weakness. He understands my physical limitations and has never pushed me farther than I could go. When I compare myself to my friends and others my age, I have far more ability to do everyday tasks--lifting luggage, walking on uneven or icy surfaces, getting out of chairs, getting stuff off the floors or low cabinets. I am grateful for his support and encouragement.

By giving instruction on key points of balance, stretching and the importance of flexing the right muscles, I have seen a difference in such a short period of time. I'm so pleased with the results so far, I would recommend to anyone seeking results and those who chose to work out at home only.

Corey G.

I have been training with Chris now for 3.5 months and have seen significant improvement in my energy level, balance as well as positive physical changes. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to reach out and start working with him over the summer. He has been more than flexible with my schedule when traveling for work and is very supportive of finding other physical activities I enjoy to incorporate into my workouts. Chris celebrates my successes and makes the overall workout an enjoyable experience. Appreciate all the encouragement and look forward to more successes!

Ian G.

Takes personal training to a whole new level, I've been to other places before and they were just meat heads without any credentials. At Wergo, he took the time to understand my body needs and help me achieve my goals. I've come out of this having learned a bunch of new techniques and more. 5/5 would recommend to anyone.

Mar G.

I had my first training session with Chris yesterday and although have been working out for years, learned a lot of new information. Chris was detailed and enthusiastic with a wealth of information that was tailored to my specific training needs. Thanks Chris!